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9 Totally Legitimate Ways To Make Money On The Internet!

In 2005 I helped to launch a new website in the very competitive office supplies industry. I was not a complete novice as I had worked for close to ten years in this exact area before going completely cyber.

Building off of our example, we will say the homepage is focused on “Romans”, and is a doorway into the more specific second tier like “Roman History”, “Roman Emperors”, etc. From here we would drill down to tier three where the bulk of your content will be located.

It’s very tempting to look for free templates and the cheapest software because we all like to save costs don’t we. However if you want to build a website bigger than a single page, don’t cut costs at this stage, it’s a really false economy.

2) Make Your Own Website: Many people have built websites that make money for them every single month. That’s because there e so many ways to earn money from your site. You can put ads on it, ask for donations, or put affiliate links on your web pages. If you do not know how to make a website, then I highly recommend you use Site Build It. This is a program that helps average people build their own websites.

One of the biggest things to consider when it comes to making a website is how you are going to get money from your customers. Many people who use Internet commerce these days don’t use credit or debit cards, but pay through their online PayPal account. If you haven’t gotten one yet, it is a fairly easy process, and you can even get a PayPal debit card so you can spend your income in brick and mortar establishments. It keeps track of all transactions for you, sends you monthly statements and everything, just like a real bank.

Some pages are not as important as others, in this particular case it’s the contact page. I’ll remove it from the main navigation and place it in the footer. Rearrange until you get it right.

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